I love being called things.

It creates excuses for me!
It shows how ignorant you are
And tells me things about myself
I know aren’t true.


I wrote a story about ghosts
I ranted on social media


Drug addict/alcoholic
I wrote about it
I’m weird and isolated


Have ADD
I don’t pay attention
I’m athletic and creative


Have an eating disorder
I’m skinny
I workout


Have a personality disorder
I’m very quiet in public
I talk more in private


I talked back
I rolled my eyes


I’m quiet
I’m reserved


I wore a black dress
I put on a lot of makeup


I don’t have a job
I don’t excel in school


My jeans are too tight
My boobs look big


I generally don’t like people
We don’t have the same interests


I didn’t say anything
I said the wrong thing


I don’t like most men
Most men don’t like me


I don’t like most women
Most women don’t like me

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