Living in the real world AND going to college.

Is really like…

– You’re older than most of your classmates.

-College stories and gossip do not phase you. They’re just annoying.

-You have very, very little money. So, if you get hungry or thirsty you can’t just go get something. The last thing you want is campus food, anyways.

-Constantly need to figure out how to get back and forth to school.

-Have to stay on campus several hours a day. Can’t just go home. It takes away gas and time.

-If you have to cancel something for personal/financial reasons — you’re the bad guy.

-Many people don’t understand that you don’t live on campus — and don’t want a social life with people you will never see again.

-People just assume you’re the same age as everyone else — and live on campus

-Much older people call you a kid. You don’t know if it’s because they see everyone that way — or if you should be offended because you’re not.

-Hardly see your partner. Schedules make it difficult.

-Don’t know if you will graduate.

One thought on “Living in the real world AND going to college.

  1. Great post, this is so accurate for those of us who don’t meet the typical fresh out of high-school college student.


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