Why you should stay in school?

1. You look less like a dumbass.
You just met this really awesome hot guy/girl. The first question they ask is, “What do you do?” You’re stumped. You have no idea how to say, I dropped out of high school and am currently unemployed without sounding like a loser. You think its best to ignore the question and talk about your cool interests — kayaking, racing, and bonfires.


2. You learn how to write.
Cover letters, resumes, stories, essays, and critiques on things you want to burn in pieces. But, imagine if you sent a cover letter to a potential employer in text message language? It would probably look something like this: hey i think u should hire me cuz im a really hard worker and i always go to places and do things on time. i hope u take the time to look over my resume i really really wanna work for u i promise ill do well thank u i hope to c u soon.


3. You learn how to analyze junk.
Something is really, really wrong here — I didn’t like this chicks Facebook status’ before now I really can’t stand it. I want to pull my hair out. She is suggesting that her boyfriend is an asshole and doesn’t feed his child? Why the hell would she post that on Facebook? Does she know people are watching her? Is there something wrong with her? Is that normal?


4. Maybe get a job, that’s not fast food.
Maybe, if you do things that’s not just “homework” outside of school. It’s great you take your studies seriously, but how are you going to make connections (that can get you friends/good acquaintances) if all you do is stare at a screen? When an employer looks at your resume, they are going to see — oh you were really involved, you had an average GPA but you did fine with everything else.


If you know a lot of smart people or become the teachers pet in college — you could get away with sliding by in college, doing less work, and spending most of your time on social media. After school… you may get a good job or be left completely in the dust. Remember, this is all a system. They don’t actually care about you, they don’t know you personally — they’re just doing their job.


Welcome to the “real” world.

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