What were you like…

In high school?


A skater — or at least I thought I was. (I would paint, write in my journal, play acoustic guitar — badly, run on a treadmill — a lot, read books, do homework, talk to my online boyfriend, starve myself, and cry to sleep. I was in the journalism and french club — got mocked for.)

Everyday — I wore jeans and some stupid black shirt or tank top. Lots of eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and rings on my fingers.

I slept and doodled in Math class. To the point, my teacher got sick of it — and kicked me out of class. I got to hangout in the library in the corner. I had no friends.

I failed Math numerous times. I did well in all my other classes and took them seriously. I wouldn’t have admitted it, I probably would have gotten mocked or something. Who knows my mind back then. I was very hormonal.

First few years of college.

You really don’t want to know. Trust me. First year, academic prohibition. Second year, flunked out. I didn’t take it seriously. I didn’t even do my work. I was like oh, fuck this shit, I’m going to drive my car and have sex with ____. My lovely boyfriend I dated for one month. After that well, like I said… you don’t want to know. It’s a long, long, long… story. I tried to smug it in a short essay once, it didn’t work.

So. I’m here. Again.

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