Stumbling writing

Ever stubble across writing that seriously makes you question yourself. Your sanity? Relationships? You have don’t know what exactly you’re talking about.

Here’s my awful examples from a year ago. At least it’s a bit humorous.

I could,
I would,
I should
I’m in prison
until I figure out
how to leave
I’m screwed
I don’t want to be
here with you.

(Am I talking about my boyfriend or neighbor at the time?)

Stupid bitch,
must die.
She makes me wanna
get high.
Stupid bird-brain.
I watch her drain
her stupid mind.
Talk this,
smack that.
Whine and run
All over the place
like she’s hot shit.

(Who the fuck who is she. And I don’t do drugs — am I suggesting to myself I get high?)


Kill bitch
or not
Kill bitch
that is the question?


(Real, Real, Real intelligent Sandra — good job. I could be the next Shakespeare.)

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