Alright so — I post an obscene photo of myself on Facebook. (The end of my hair pink for a project I deleted.) I’m random, it’s who I am — what makes me special.


Oh now, I said special so that must mean I think I’m entitled to things without much effort. On top of being self-absorbing, narcissist, and attention-seeking.


Are you kidding me? A photo is a photo. If I go around posting obscene photos or running my mouth about my views, beliefs, and personal life — I got issues.


How about the stuff you put up? Those revealing selfies, status updates, come like-my page -check out my work status’ like you’re a celebrity.


You know what they say, what you do online is mirror. How you want to be seen, how you see yourself, or a reflection of how you see the world. If you want to go around pointing your finger at people, make sure your fingers are clean.


Mine aren’t clean — at least I admit it. Maybe next time you know, not to mess with me. Peace.

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