Annoying & Non-annoying people



Ask a million questions — that start with, “How.”

How is your mother doing? How is the weather? How is your job? How is your boyfriend/girlfriend doing? How is that diet going? How is that project you were working on going? How is your neighbor? Your cousin?


Stare at you — like they have never seen another human being before.

Maybe you’re on the street, at the grocery store, or gym. There always seems to be this one person standing around — watching you like a parasite with their big bug eyes.


Are just annoying. Period.

Maybe it’s their voice, tone, or choice of words — or they’re just annoying for no apparent reason at all.




Just know not to be annoying. It agitates them to be annoyed — so it’s best to avoid it? Then again, they are annoying because they complain about people being annoying. It’s a never ending cycle.

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